Projector Maker Optoma Buys Speaker Company NuForce


Two high-end A/V makers are coming together. Projector company Optoma has purchased speaker company NuForce. The pair will be a one-stop shop for your A/V needs. New NuForce speakers and amplifiers will be designed to operate with Optoma products. The combined company will will show off its latest products at CES 2015. Optoma Unites Great […]

Trapster to Close Down


Trapster users, I have some bad news, at the end of the year the service is shutting down. The company looked at its investment situation and decided it couldn’t continue. For those unfamiliar with the service, Trapster is a mapping platform with crowdsourced data for accidents, red lights, construction, and its speciality, police speed traps. […]

HP to Split Between Enterprise and Consumer Divisions


Apparently two HPs are better than one, at least according to the company’s board. The company has announced plans to split HP into two separate publicly traded units: HP, Inc and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise. Let’s take a look at the two new companies and what it means for both the landscape and consumers. The first of […]

3D Robotics Adds Smartwatch Functionality, Richard Branson


x Last week we saw 3D Robotics announce their awesome Iris+ drone. It didn’t take them long to want to make it even better. The company is looking at integrating the drone with smartwatches. The smartwatch app would allow users to switch modes and activate their Follow Me technology. The company has also announced […]

Narrative Gets $8 Million in New Funding


Narrative has gotten a significant capital boost, getting another $8 million in funding. The principal investor in this is Khosla Ventures. This will be used to expand Narrative’s sales and retail arms. You might remember this company from their appearance on our #CESlive coverage back in January. It’s a wearable camera that allows users to […]

ANA and Lufthansa Launch Joint Cargo Routes


Our friends at ANA are teaming up with German carrier Lufthansa for some joint cargo routes after approval by regulators in both Europe and Japan. Under the contract, the airlines would jointly handle logistics and business operations on cargo flights between Japan and Europe. This follows similar joint routes in passenger service between the two […]

Amazon Buys Twitch For $1 Billion


Not very long ago it seemed like Google was set to acquire gaming streaming service Twitch for $1 billion. Then Twitch announced it was shutting down its Justin.TV unit. Now the company has confirmed that it has indeed been acquired. However, we were dead wrong about it being Google. Instead, Twitch is set to become […]

Sprint Names New CEO Marcelo Claure to Replace Dan Hesse


Sprint is adding a new head executive to its framily. Brightstar CEO Marcelo Claure will replace 7-year CEO Dan Hesse starting August 11th. Claure had previously served on Sprint’s board since January. Brightstar is an international supply chain provider for the cellular industry, so the move is not entirely a stretch. SoftBank, Sprint’s parent company, […]