SteelSeries Makes Mousepads Awesome with DeX


In 99% of all cases, talking about a mousepad would be like talking about watching paint dry. SteelSeries wants to liven up that conversation with their new DeX these are designed to give gamers, or anyone else using an optical or laster mouse an edge in tracking accuracy. The DeX features a material that allows […]

Review: ReignMaker

Frogdice Studios' ReignMaker

Frogdice Studios’ ReignMaker is a city builder/resource management game with a bit of a twist in the form of match-3 game play. At first glance it seems like an unusual combination, but it’s an unusual combo that works really well. You’re cast in the role of the ruler of a small community. Your people are […]

Oculus VR Announces Oculus Connect Conference and Acquisition of RakNet


Oculus VR has announced the Oculus Connect developer conference for its Oculus Rift. You got all that? The conference will take place September 19th and 20th in L.A. at the Loews Hollywood Hotel on North Highland Ave. The company’s top names will be in attendance including CTO John Carmack, CEO Brendan Iribe, Founder Palmer Luckey, […]

SteelSeries Announces Full Size Stratus XL Gaming Controller for iOS


Like the SteelSeries Stratus controller for iOS, but wish it was a bit larger? They have granted your wish with the full size Stratus XL. The controller uses the Bluetooth extended API for a D-pad, twin analog sticks, 4 action buttons, L1/R1 shoulder buttons, and L2/R2 triggers and a familiar configuration. iOS permits use of […]

War Thunder Launches on PS4 June 3rd


Gaijin Entertainment is set to launch its World War II MMO Game War Thunder on Sony’s Playstation 4. The game is designed to take advantage of the the PS4’s Dual Shock 4 wireless controller. You can control period vehicles and aircraft, including the North American PBJ Mitchell pictured above. PS4 gamers can even play along […]