Google Self Driving Car Involved in First Injury Accident


They might not be fighting crime, have a turbo boost button or have an awesome 80’s electronica soundtrack but self driving cars are edging closer and closer to the public and mass production. But unlike KITT they’re not quite ready to scream around a busy interstate at 150 MPH. While they probably could, Google’s latest […]

Personal Luxury Tanks, Google’s Project Soli and the OBi200 Google Voice Over IP Gateway

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Google’s new Soli radar based interactive sensor detects sub millimeter motions at up to 10,000 frames per second. Plus Jack Dorsey returns to Twitter, the Ripsaw EV2 extreme luxury vehicle and the OBi200, a $49 Voice Over IP gateway box that lets you take Google Voice phone calls on your home phone. x More […]

Google to Review Google Play #Apps, Add App Ratings


Google Play has a reputation as the wild west of app stores for better or worse. Google has implemented some new policies to try to change the “or worse” part and clean up the store. Announced today, Google will be implementing both manual app reviews and content ratings on its apps. Let’s talk about how […]

Google Announces Next Generation Chromebook Pixel


x Google has announced a new generation of its flagship Chromebook Pixel. The new Pixel continues the original’s legacy of pairing premium design and credible hardware with the company’s browser-focused Chrome OS platform. The new model is more powerful, more advanced, and more affordable than the model it replaces. The Pixel comes in two […]

Google Enters Travel Business With Google Flights


We’ve heard rumors about this for a few months, but it’s finally happened. Google has joined the travel world with a new service called Google Flights. Google Flights is doing things a bit differently than Expedia, Orbitz, and Kayak. First off, it allows you to do regional searches instead of a specific airport. It’ll even […]

Google, Softcard Agree, Combine Mobile Payments Strategy into Google Wallet


The Android mobile payments landscape will soon be simplified thanks to an agreement between Google and the wireless carriers AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile. Under the deal, Google Wallet will Partner with Softcard, a mobile payments consortium owned by the 3 carriers. Google Wallet will soon be installed by default by the 3 carriers. There will […]