Amazon Buys Twitch for Just Under a Billion Dollars

Cali Lewis on GeekBeat Episode 896

We’ll be at the Samsung event in Berlin, Twitch now belongs to Amazon, wearable tech from Ralph Lauren on the tennis court, OTA recording from Tivo, and a great flash for photographers on a budget!

Login to Multiple Google Accounts Simultaneously

Google Chrome Users Tip If you have to jump from one Google account to another, you know that it can be a hassle to do it in a single browser because the account IDs are shared between tabs. Here’s an easy way to do it in Chrome using sandboxed browser tabs assigned to different users. It’s built in […]

Set Up Your Google+ Profile For Success

Set Up your Google+ Profile I walk you through the process of setting up a Google+ profile for success, whether your goal is business or socialization! We’ll go through each section of the profile, giving you all the tips and tricks you need to make the information you enter really count, and then go a step further with explanations of […]

Hide Your Kids! Back to School with John P.

GBTV--0890-Thumb 2 Holy mama! It’s almost back to school time! That can only mean one thing! Back to School Gadgets and Apps. I’m John P. Welcome to Geek Beat. Before we even get started with this big ol list of stuff, I’ll point out that although Apple routinely pisses me off, you should still get a […]

Samsung Launches Galaxy Alpha


Samsung today announced a new phone, which is something they do a semi-regular basis. No, they didn’t pre-announce the Note 4, that is still scheduled for early September. They did announce the much rumored Galaxy Alpha. The Galaxy Alpha is far from special when it comes to specs, but it could be the standard bearer […]

Wi-Fi Sniffing Cats and the iPhone 6?

GeekBeat #888: What's Coming Up From Apple? Apple & Samsung Product Announcements Samsung has product announcements coming up at their “Samsung Unpacked 2014 – Episode 2″ event in New York, Berlin AND Bejing, all at the same time. This second episode is likely to show off the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Meanwhile, Apple’s media event is the subject of […]