Google Update Roundup

Cali Lewis on GeekBeat Episode 647

Square expands their services for small businesses, GeoGuessr gamifies Google Maps, Roku gets a new interface, Google+ gets a major redesign, Google Hangouts and Messaging get rolled together, Google All-Access is the company’s new subscription music service, use one login across all Google Games platforms, and the phrase “Okay, Google” will let you search by voice!

6 Awesome Google Tricks and Games

Google Pirate Edition

Here are 6 awesome things you probably didn’t know you could do with Google. Everything from alternative methods to search, to Google animated logos you can play. Google Search by Image Google will allow you to drop an image on the Google Image search and find other instance of it. Search Google Like a Pirate […]

How to Use Google+ Search

Google+ Search

Creating Searches Creating searches is easy; everyone who’s ever used Google knows how to do that. Just head up to the big bar with the faint “Search Google+” text, enter your search terms, hit Enter, and … that’s about it! Of course there can be more to it than that if you wish. You can […]

Search Engine Ninja Skills! Anyone Can Do It!

Google Calculator

I’m old enough to remember when there was (GASP!) no internet. If someone’s number wasn’t in the phone book, you just didn’t call them. If you wanted to know the population of Bulgaria, you had to manhandle a ten-pound encyclopedia that had all the facts from 1974. Forever. Even in 2011, that book still thinks […]

GeekBeat.TV #214 | The Dark Knight Rises with a Turbine Batmobile!

Cali Lewis on GeekBeat Episode 214

DoAT Mobile Search Mobile search has been around for a while, but DoAT is doing something new! They’re breaking results up into channels so it’s easier to find what you really want. Dictating via Bluetooth Want your dictations to go straight to your phone to be included in an email? Dictation Blue is bringing that […]