John P’s Last Episode

John P on GeekBeat Episode 1028 Facebook to Support 360-Degree Video While speaking to developers at Facebook’s annual F8 conference in San Francisco, Mark Z revealed news that Facebook is soon to support 360 video. So that means you’ll finally be able to purchase cameras like the V.360, Ricoh’s Theta M15 or the Kodak SP360 and have widespread support for […]

How to Get Celebrities to Follow You On #Twitter

One Question Interviews I remember 2008 as the year celebrities discovered Twitter. Suddenly the game changed — suddenly there was a game — get famous people to follow you. But how? There are blog posts, YouTube videos and ebooks promising to give you the secrets. But since I get to talk to celebrities every week on my […]

How to Get #Facebook Notifications You Want to See

How to Get Facebook Notifications Are you tired of not getting Facebook notifications from pages you actually want to follow? There are a couple ways to make sure you find out when a favorite page gets an update, and we’ll take you through the steps. Never again miss cool stuff because Facebook’s algorithms guessed wrong about what you wanted […]

YouTube Drops a Bomb on YouTubers

YouTube Drops a Bomb on YouTubers New restrictions on sponsorship deals have YouTubers concerned about the future viability of their YouTube revenue models. YouTube is concerned about the amount of money flying around between sponsors and content creators, and they want a piece of the pie. They have a new restriction that says video makers can’t include sponsor “graphical title […]

Facebook to Feature Missing Children Alerts

Facebook Amber Alerts

Facebook announced a new safety initiative today. The social network is partnering with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to send AMBER Alerts for missing children to its community of users. The alerts, which will be sent to both the mobile and web versions of Facebook, will include a photograph and description of […]

Parllay Launches Parllay Studio and Parllay Channels for SMB Social Marketing


Parllay has launched Parllay Studio and Parllay Channels, a series of cloud-based tools for marketing using semantic intelligence. These products combine a bunch of individual tools needed for a social marketing campaign into a cohesive unit from a single vendor. Parllay is lead by Tarek Najm, a Microsoft alum who created Microsoft Ad Center and […]