Cali Lewis on GeekBeat Episode 791

Tech Behind the Sochi Olympics

The world is watching the Olympics in Sochi, and we’re taking a look at the technology that’s showing up everywhere at the Winter Games.
Cali Lewis on GeekBeat Episode 790

Get Soft Drinks from Your Keurig!

An update on Geek Beat stickers and T-shirts, Sony gets out of the PC business, Keurig gets into the soft drink business, getting closer to cybernetic nerves, and a new place to tell your story!
John P on GeekBeat Episode 742

NERD WATCH: Tech News From 30 Years Ago

A UNIX-compatible operating system, a personal computer from Timex Sinclair, Betamax gets even better, and MORE! Bringing you all the breaking technology news of 1983, this… is Nerd Watch!
Playstation Vita TV

Sony Announces PlayStation Vita TV

Sony announced a new product called the Playstation Vita TV, launched an updated version of its Vita handheld console, and announced a date for Japanese customers.