PlayStation Turns 20 – Sony Releases Limited Edition PS4 to Celebrate


Twenty years ago I was a teenage Sega fanboy looking forward to the Saturn. A good friend of mine started trying to talk me into this upstart competitor from Sony, called the PlayStation, instead. He eventually convinced me to take the chance and it ended up being the right decision. The Saturn and its Dreamcast […]

Review: Sony FS700 and Convergent Design Odyssey7Q

Sony FS700

x Want to get into the world of shooting 4K video but don’t have the budget of a major Hollywood studio? The Sony FS700 paired with the Convergent Design Odyssey7Q makes a great total camera / monitor combination. We go through all the inputs, as well as the high-speed capabilities of the rig, and […]

IFA 2014: Sony QX30

Sony QX30 at IFA 2014

x The Sony QX30 is a camera that will pair up with your phone, and actually act as an extended camera for the phone. You can clip the QX30 onto the phone, or use them separately from each other, with the phone in one hand and the camera in the other. It connects to […]

Sony Announces α5100 Camera


If you’re thinking about the Sony Alpha 5000, stop right now. The portable, mirrorless α5100 now has the same sensor as its bigger brother, the α6000. Sony Debuts Ultra-Compact α5100 Interchangeable Lens Camera with Impressive Autofocus New Mirrorless Camera Features Remarkable AF speed and tracking, 24 MP APS-C Size Sensor, BIONZ X™ Processor and more […]

Next-Gen Optical Disc Can Store Up to 1 Terabyte

Archival Disc Logo - 1

Sony and Panasonic have teamed up to create the new generation of optical storage, intended to replace the Blu-ray disk, called the Archival Disc. The newly developed optical disc is intended for mass backup and archiving, has the same dimensions as the Blu-ray disc, is write-once, double-sided, triple-layered, and can store up to a record […]