Review: Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe Hits Steam


Back in 1989, Shufflepuck Café was released on something like a half dozen platforms. It was a futuristic game of air hockey, set on a distant planet, and played from a first-person perspective. Although it was released on the Amiga as well, which I was raised on, my only contact with it was on the […]

Valve Announcement #3: Steam Controller


At last we have Valve’s third and final announcement for the week, and continuing the theme set previously, we get the Steam Controller. This isn’t just the controller for Steam Machines though; it’s literally for Steam, and will work with PCs and Macs running the Steam client as well. I’ll confess to a bit of […]

Star Command Could Support Steam Workshop

Star Command Steam Workshop Mockup

We are now down to the final week of the Kickstarter to port Star Command for the PC and Mac, and with that comes stretch goals! Of particular interest is integration with the new Steam Workshop.  Check out this mockup they put together: This won’t be just community-authored clothing changes for the crew, but missions as well. […]