Take a Scrolling Trip Through the Scale of the Universe

Astronomy Picture of the Day, provided by NASA, usually gives some great glimpses of the universe as seen by both ground and space-based telescopes. But this picture is a little different, and it does that wonderful thing of making learning a hypnotic experience you don’t want to stop looking at.

We know the universe is a Very Big Thing, but of course, it’s made up of very small things. How much difference is there between the smallest and largest, and how do relative sizes compare? The Scale of the Universe by Cary Huang is an interactive Flash animation that allows you to scroll in and out visiting the biggest things (known universe) and the smallest (strings and quantum foam) within a few seconds of each other. But if you go that fast, you’ll miss some great stuff in between. Each item can be clicked on for size and additional information. Go spend a few minutes exploring the cosmos.