Talk to the Hand with Hi-Call Bluetooth Gloves

Work Your Touchscreens Through Moshi Digits Gloves

Keeping your fingers warm while working a touchscreen phone or tablet can be tricky. Moshi Digits are gloves with conductive fibers in all five fingertips, so you can do all the multi-touch controlling you would bare-handed.

Talking to Your Hands with Bluetooth Gloves

And working your touchscreen isn’t the only geeky thing you can do while wearing gloves! Hi-Call Bluetooth gloves put a speaker on your thumb and a microphone on your pinky. Hold you hand up to your head like it’s a phone and start talking.

United Gets Internet on Overseas Flights

In-flight Internet over oceans can be rare, but United is working to change that, as they became the first US-based airline to begin offering Internet on overseas flights.

Relax Ally Travel Restband Lets You Rest Easier on the Plane

If you’d rather catch some sleep on the plane, the Relax Ally Travel Restband can help you do that without falling asleep on the shoulder of the person next to you.


  1. Bruce R. (BPR639Geek) says

    I have the gift of looking odd, so talking into my glove wouldn’t be *any* problem!!! They have a good price point, I thought they’d be way more. I’m wondering how weather proof they are!!! The other gloves, the super insolated ones, maybe I buy as gifts, but I’m always warm, I infact have to shed layers… “B”