CES 2014: TAO-Wellness Introduces TAO Mobile Isometric Exercise System

TAO-Wellness has just introduced the TAO mobile isometric exercise system, a product designed for busy people trapped in sedentary lives. They mean to make it easy for those of us stuck behind desks or on planes or in other confined areas to get a workout in anyway and stay in better shape.

The TAO is a small, hand-held pressure sensitive shell that you work out with by pressing it in different ways. The app (iOS and Android) guides you in how to make use of it. You hold the TAO in various places (against your thighs, between your knees, etc) and press against it, and it resists. While it’s resisting, it’s also tracking the pressure of your workout, and the paired app will guide you by telling you to press harder or to let up a bit, and on when you’ve held on long enough.

It’s a simple but valuable addition to the mobile fitness space, since it lets you track types of workouts that products like the Fitbit and other, similar trackers aren’t designed for.  Could you see yourself working something like this into your office or travel routine? Let us know in the comments!