The Best Gadgets of 2013!


John P. said in his review of the HP Z1 that if God were to have a PC, this would be it. HP’s CEO Meg Whitman quoted it on stage. It’s truly a wonderful computer that captured all our hearts around here!

iPad Mini Retina

There was a very long wait for the iPad Mini Retina to be released, so it of course makes the list out of pure excitement from Apple fans.

iPhone 5S

Speaking of Apple, the fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 5S was notable even if only for the push towards more security on mobile devices.

Double from Double Robotics

Double from Double Robotics DEFINITELY makes the list! It’s the first robot available to the consumer and business markets that you can use as a telepresence robot… for almost nothing! Price is relative, of course. It’s $2500, but when you compare that to other robots for the same use, it’s super cheap! Anytime a company disrupts pricing in a market, it’s noteworthy.

Qi Wireless Charging

The Qi standard for charging your devices wirelessly… while not new this year, is worth talking about as it’s begun to come into its own this year. It has a long way to go… there are chargers like the Tylt Vu, which we love, but more devices have to integrate the ability to use Qi… I think many more people will become aware of it and begin to use it in 2014.


How about smartwatches? Oh, the talk this year about smartwatches!! Pebble and the Galaxy Gear took the world by storm, making everyone think about being cool like Dick Tracy. I personally am no where NEAR wanting a smartwatch in their current form, but when they get smaller and smarter, I might pony up some money.

Tons of Choices on Hulu Plus

I used to browse around on, but Hulu Plus has so much more! Entire catalogs of TV shows instead of just the last five episodes. I can binge-watch entire shows! Or watch stuff that recently aired on TV. Check it out with an extended free trial when you go to

RavPower FileHub

The RavPower FileHub was a noteworthy new gadget, not only for our team, but also for so many of you! You can wirelessly read the data on your SD card in your phone. Or an external drive. It’s a 3000mAh battery for charging devices. Media Sharing. A file server. This thing does it all!

Curved Glass

Curved Glass was a technology that got BIG attention this year. While not readily available for everyone yet, people became aware of the possibility of having a phone that could roll up. And when consumers are aware of what could be, we can push manufacturers to give it to us!

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

My Note 3 has given me everything I want in a phone. At least that can be had now with current technologies. Which is rare for me.

Viewer Choice Award: Google Chromecast

I asked you guys to tell me what YOUR favorite gadgets of the year were. Thanks so much to everyone who chimed in! By FAR, Chromecast won the vote with YOU guys. An inexpensive device to give you the ability to send your browser with movies,TV shows, or youtube videos to your big screen. Obviously a big hit this year!