The Dark Side Calls with Star Wars Coffee Makers

Get All Your Messages from Twitter

Twitter is rolling out the ability to download all your old tweets, going back to when you first started.

Robots for iPad App

Interested in robots and want to learn more? The Robots for iPad app is a great place, with a ton of photos, information on robots past and present, and ways to get more involved in robotics.

Phone Photography with the i4 Steadfast Handle

The i4 Steadfast Handle is a grip for your phone to take better pictures. Because of how it’s designed, it’ll work with any phone – whether Android, iPhone or Windows Phone.

Make Any Video a Music Video with Strum

Strum may be the Instagram of photos. It does the same thing with video. It applies one of 20 filters to your video, and then adds a soundtrack on top!

Star Wars Coffee Makers

Nestle is making coffee machines wrapped in Star Wars goodness! Choose from Darth Vader or C3PO. The bad news is they’re only in Japan and appear to be sold out!