The Good and the Bad of OS X Mountain Lion

Making an Artificial Jellyfish Swim

Researchers are experimenting with an artificial lab-grown jellyfish called the Medusoid that might lead to new solutions for medical problems.

Google’s Scientific Calculator

Type a math problem into the Google search bar and you’ll be treated to their new scientific calculator. But will math geeks love it as much as their long-used handheld models?

The Good and the Bad of OS X Mountain Lion

Have you upgraded to Mountain Lion? Are you planning to? We take a look at reasons you might want to, and a few things that disappointed us.


  1. Brian says

    Cali, I think you’re great, your reviews and insight are top notch, but I now cringe when I see it’s going to be a John segment, his humor must go over my head, and his reviews seem to be mostly his negative opinion. It becoming like listening to Leo Laporte, nothing is more frustrating than listening to brand hate from people and sources you used to admire. Cali please keep up the great work and try to help John become a quality source for information.