The Real Life Fuji X Pro 1 Mirrorless Camera Review

The Fujifilm X Pro 1 offers a unique set of features, some ground-breaking technology you have to see to believe, world-class low-light and high-ISO image quality, and a bold price tag that makes you think it’s got to be one of the best cameras you can buy. But is it?

Behind its cool or not cool neo-retro styling, there’s a real (and real different) mirrorless camera and new series of legendary Fujifilm lenses that want to be the centerpiece of your photo and video image making process. No matter if you’re a photo enthusiast or a working pro photographer you will quickly see that the X Pro 1 is refreshing, inspiring… as well as frustrating and a little disappointing to some.

I’ve created thousands of images with the X Pro 1 using the first three Fuji XF series lenses. Looking beyond all the useless stats and marketing hype, I’ll share how good the photos and video are from the X Pro 1, how easy is it to learn and shoot under real life shooting conditions, what kind of person will be glad they bought the X Pro and who will be better to choose another camera instead.

The example photos used in this review are available for you to view here.