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Snapstick Media Solution

When we think about integrating our web-media and Hulu content with the TV, what’s the easiest possible solution that comes to mind? The process in its simplest form might go something like this:

Pull up a video/website on a device and point it at the TV to send it over… that sounds great right?

Silicon Valley start-up Snapstick is aiming to do just that, they’re creating a solution to stream media from your devices to the TV with a quick flick of the wrist. Using the accelerometer and Snapstick’s SplitMedia technology, devices like the iPhone and iPad could potentially be working remotes capable of throwing media over WiFi to the boob-tube. Laptops, computers and tablets could also be used, and according to the demo below, streaming media wouldn’t impede regular use of the device. Nice!

The folks at CNET recently got a sneak-peek of a concept demo, the demo had a working router-enabled set-top box running their software, software that CNET says they’re hoping they can license to manufacturers.

Snapstick is currently in closed beta and is still in the process of defining its service. The details aren’t out so we’re not clear on whether they’ll be creating their own set top box or simply implementing their software into current electronics: TVs, DVD players, etc.

It’s a bit similar to the AirPlay experience which unifies Apple gadgets (iPhone, iPad) with AppleTV. An already pretty decent solution if you use Apple TV, but it won’t send or “flick” full webpages from the device to the TV, something that Snapstick hopes to do.

The CEO and Founder of Snapstick, Rakesh Mathur, has historically had a successful track record on the web. He was the founding CEO of both Junglee and Stratify, sites that were acquired by Amazon and Iron Mountain Inc.

Please share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Visit Snapstick

(Source CNET)

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4 Responses

  1. Allen

    Love the way this is going! Integration is ultimate. I like how I can already walk in my door and start music in my house from my iPad, iPhone or IPod touch. I only wish I could cook with it. I think that the more I can do without touching anything else is the better life. I know that sounds satirical, but I don’t mean it that way. I’m not saying that it would be better to hug a baby or pet your dog using your iPhone, but I do think that it would be nice to not have to look for a remote when your smart phone is already attached to your belt or in your pocket. Not to mention it looks like it can do much more than a remote.

  2. Curiosity63

    Hello Brodie Beta,
    thank you for an interesting well written article.

    I think those people from Snapstick should send an infomercial to Google and Apple and who knows this kind of handy app might be available in their store shortly.
    Very handy app in my book.

    Take care and greetings,