LG Display Nabs ‘World’s Narrowest Bezel’ Title From Samsung With New 37-Inch LCD

Tech geeks don’t holler and break bottles like sports fanatics do after a big win, but if you see a few nerd-types decked out with LG gadgets high-fiving each other this week, it’s because they just won a longstanding battle with Samsung – at least for now.

Last month, Samsung silenced competitors with its 55-inch Digital Information Display, but November 2nd, LG snatched the title with a nearly non-existent frame that houses its new 37-inch LCD panel. And boy, is it beautiful.

Featuring 2.5mm of bezel at the bottom and right hand side of the screen, and 1.5mm at the top and left hand side, you’re left with a microscopic 4mm (that’s only 0.16 inches) of separation.

The intent of the design makes for elegant outdoor panel stacking for advertisements, and marketers can get their hands on the astounding product following its debut demonstration at the FPD International 2010 show later this month in Japan.

(Via OLED)