ThinkGeek Announces Their Annual April Fool’s Day Product Lineup

Our friends over at ThinkGeek have done it again and announced a slew of products this April Fool’s Day, and like previous years there are a few here that could certainly become reality. Let’s take a look at this year’s bumper crop of products.

Angry Birds is absolutely everywhere now, and it makes sense that this first product could be their perfect entry into the snack food market. Angry Birds Pork Rinds are made from real, dead pigs, and are being billed as “The Other Green Meat”. From the product page,

These crispy delicacies were painstakingly collected from the wreckage of exploded green pig flesh by the Pork Remnants Collectors Union 1337. After a bath in a vat of boiling oil, they are seasoned to perfection and packaged in snack sized bags. Break one open and taste the crisp, salty, savory flavor that only green pigs can produce. A truly succulent treat for the discerning mobile gamer.

Next on the list is any Apple fanboy parent’s dream come true. Have your kids indoctrinated into the Cult of Apple early with the Playmobil(TM) Apple Store playset. To be honest, this is the one that I’d most like to see come true, this has got it all. The ground floor has demo tables, software shelves, and even the kids corner with the little balls they sit on. The upstairs has the Genius Bar and a keynote area where you can use your own iPhone 4 to deliver the new product announcement presentation with a miniature Steve Jobs himself. And, to top it all off, there’s the optional “Line Pack” so you can recreate your own iPad 2 launch event – complete with Woz on a Segway. What more could you want?

This one is so incredible, it’s amazing that it isn’t already a real product. Like the TaunTaun sleeping bag from a few years back, I think this one has the most chance of becoming the real product from this batch – the Lightsaber Popsicle. It comes with 4 lightsaber hilts – two Luke and two Vader. Simply pour juice, or any other delicious beverage like blue milk, into the mold and snap the hilts into place. Pop them in the freeze, and in 4 hours you have your own lightsaber popsicles. The hilts even have an LED in them so with the press of a button they light up for awesome lightsaber duels. No Star Wars household should be without.

Rounding out this year’s products are the Shirt Plate, which allows you to game and eat without getting your lazy butt off the couch, and a USB Minecraft Nether Portal for your desk, to handle all that unsightly clutter. Personally, I want that Apple Store Playset for me, forget the kids. Let me know what you think in the comments below, and Happy April Fool’s Day!

Via ThinkGeek