ThinkTank Photo Urban Disguise 35 v2.0 Review

The Urban Disguise 35 (V2.0) from ThinkTank Photo is an interesting camera carrier that allows the user to discretely carry their equipment and keep it protected from bumps, shocks, and the elements.

ThinkTank-UrbanDisguse35 - Front of the Bag The Urban Disguise is a spacious bag that contains multiple velcro-based partitions to hold up to a single DSLR (standard and pro sized) with an 70-200mm telephoto lens attached to it. Additionally, partitions to the side of the main lens allow for additional lenses, speed lights, or other accessories. As they are velcro based, you can move the partitions around as needed to fit your equipment.

ThinkTank-UrbanDisguse35 - Inside the Front Pocket On the outside, there is a main large pocket underneath the front cover that can hold a small point-and-shoot, additional lights, or even a DSLR body. It’s not well protected from impact though. In the front cover flap is a small zippered pocket for business cards, pens, and other items.

ThinkTank-UrbanDisguse35 - Back of the BagEach side has a elastic pocket for water or other small items, and the back pocket can also serve as a mount point for attaching to a suitcase handle. The back of the bag also contains a slot for a 13-inch laptop (when using a normal DSLR) or a netbook (when using a larger Pro DSLR).

ThinkTank-UrbanDisguse35 - The Laptop Compartment Overall, it is a decent carrying case, but I have some reservations about its functionality. As a saddle bag style carrier, the bag itself opens from the top to provide easy holstering of your camera and additional lenses. The bag though, while being an impressive 13.3 inches deep on the inside, does not have very easy deep access to the compartment. There is a lot of potentially wasted space in the bag in compartments below the divider platforms. While it is easy to reach those lower compartments by removing the self installed shelves, it is not exactly quick.

ThinkTank-UrbanDisguse35 - Inside the Main Compartment While the case notes it can easily carry both regular DSLRs and larger Pro series DSLRS, I found that the compartment didn’t secure the Pro-DSLR (Canon 1D) very well inside the bag. It was an awkward and loose fit I wouldn’t trust to an accidental fall the bag could take. For a regular DSLR (5D Mk 2), the fit was better, but it was still somewhat awkward to fit snugly and securely.

The front pocket is peculiarly designed, with a zipper the only goes up the side and top of the pocket. Webbing holds the flap to the main part, and while it does keep items from falling out, it makes it fairly difficult to access the zippered interior pocket and other slots inside.

ThinkTank-UrbanDisguse35 - With Rain jacket installed Overall, in typical ThinkTank design, the case is extremely well made and very durable. It comes with a rain jacket to protect itself from the weather, and the whole pack is very light in general. If you are a run-and-gun shooter though, it might be a bit too bulky. It straddles the line between a true shoulder bag and a backpack. You’d be better served with a holster kit on your belt and getting the backpack straps for this bag instead.

The ThinkTank 35 V2 is available from various retailers, or directly from ThinkTank Photo.