Tikker Death Watch Counts Down to the Grave

Discount for Boston and London Conferences

I’m really looking forward to speaking at both the Future of Web Apps conference in London and the Ultimate Developer Event in Boston! And the organizers are giving discounts to make it easier for you guys to attend! Use code FOWAme for London or UDEme for Boston to get 10% off any two-day ticket.

iPad Event Reported for October 22

Apple is reportedly holding their fall iPad event on October 22. We expect news about the regular iPad, iPad Mini, Mavericks and the new MacPro.

Becoming a Better Athlete with Zepp Sports Swing Sensor

A new sensor package from Zepp Labs is designed to help those of you who play golf, baseball or tennis. It’s got an ARM processor and will track your swings and report back to the iOS or Android app to help you understand more about your game.

Tikker Gives You a Countdown to Death

Tikker is a watch that literally counts down the minutes and seconds of your life. So when you look at the time, you can also notice that you’re wasting time being mad at someone for no good reason or doing something you hate in life. You fill out a questionnaire and it’ll give you the estimated time you have to live, then start counting down.

Martin Aircraft Jetpack Due in 2014

I can’t wait to get my hands on the latest jetpack from Martin Aircraft! They’re saying they expect to have it delivered in 2014 and it’ll be the first practical jetpack. Not that I care if it’s practical or not! It’s a jetpack for goodness sake!


  1. Bruce R. (BPR639Geek) says

    Cali what happens if the battery in the watch dies???!!! Ummm I don’t think I understood, will you guys be at the iPad event? Great Jet Pack where did you find that report? 😉 “B”