Tiny MAME-CAM Camera Takes Photos But Won’t Play MAME Games

MAME-CAMNo, that’s not a toy you’re seeing, it’s a real, working camera, complete with Micro-SD storage up to 32 gigs.

Weighing in at 11g (or 0.011kg for the metrically inclined,) the MAME-CAM is a tiny device with a surprisingly full set of features for the package it’s in, and at 30x27x27mm (1.2×1.1×1.1 inches), that’s one tiny package. It takes photos at 1600×1200 resolution, shoots 640×480 video at 30 frames per second in AVI format, records glorious mono audio, and connects to your computer for file transfers via USB 1.1. Battery life is about 35 minutes or so while shooting video.

Sorry gamers, in spite of the misleading name, the MAME-CAM has no connection to MAME (Multi Arcade Machine Emulator) so don’t start dreaming about tiny pocket-emulators just yet, at least not from this product.

The MAME-CAM runs for $95 if you want to order one from Japan through GeekStuff4u.

(via dvice & CrunchGear)


  1. says

    Hi there,

    Mathieu, from GeekStuff4U !
    Thank you so much for quoting us in your post! By the way, it was indeed Mame Cam and not Name Cam… We fixed it few hours ago.
    See you soon and keep going with the great work here!

  2. George says

    “Weighing in at 11g (or 0.011kg for the metrically inclined)”

    Both are metric. The difference is that saying 0.011 thousand grams makes no sense. The SI unit for mass is kg but if you were going to use the SI unit anyway, the unit for weight is newtons.

    I like the tiny viewfinder shaped bump. I wonder if it works.

    • Profile photo of Gord McLeod says

      Thanks! That’s okay though, Japanese doesn’t use roman characters natively and certain transliterations are loose and flexible. Most notably are L and R, and M and N. MAME and NAME are functionally equivalent in this case. They’d be pronounced about the same in the Japanese.