Top 35 iOS Apps of 2012

All Trails

All Trails has become a favorite hiking buddy of mine. Think “Yelp” for lovers of the outdoors and hiking. It uses your iPhone’s GPS to help you find a trailhead and is powered by

Pandora and Spotify

I listen to a lot of music, so Pandora and Spotify are a must. Two completely different music services, and I love them both!


iDisplay turns your iPad into a second monitor for your Mac or Windows PC. Very convenient when you need some extra screen space!


GroupMe is a free private chat room for small groups. You can choose to send messages through data or SMS. It’s reliable, and there are apps for Android, Windows and Blackberry devices.


The Google+ App keeps me connected with YOU guys on the go. Access your hangouts, G+ circles, and Communities. Like our Geek Community!

Camera Awesome

Camera Awesome from SmugMug packs a lot of power into a free app: There are a lot of features, but even when you’re in a hurry, just select “awesomize” and the app automatically selects the best filter and camera settings to make your pictures perfect.

Stuck on Earth

Stuck on Earth is for those of you who want to explore the Earth. Or even photograph as much of the world as you can. When you travel, find the best places using a community of photographers who’ve been there.

PhotoShop Touch

When you’re done taking photos, edit them with the PhotoShop Touch iPad app. It’s loved by our photographers around here!


Or be creative in a different way – iStopMotion helps you create stop motion videos on the go.


Trello is a task management system we here at Livid Lobster started using recently. Keeps you and your team organized and on task! Its collaborative to-do lists are accessible on any platform or device, which is key to staying productive anytime, anywhere.


Evernote is another great way to keep a to do list. But it also captures webpages, tweets, voice-reminders, your notes (you name it), and keeps it in the cloud so you can access it from any device.


If you’re more into a simpler to-do list and calendar view than full on task management, Any.DO does it well and even will accept voice-to-text submissions! And you can check off a finished task by shaking your iOS device!

No More Socks

No More Socks is my favorite way to keep track of gift ideas throughout the year for each of your friends and family. Or even for just storing general gift ideas that you might need to use later. will give you your upload and download speeds on any connection, anywhere.

Netflix, Hulu+, and Amazon Instant Videos

If you have enough speed, watching Netflix, Hulu+, or Amazon Instant Videos is a great way to keep from getting bored while on the train, in a taxi, or… at work.


Storganeyes tracks and organizes all of your stuff in your house or office. Create a location – garage – and stack the virtual bins to match the real ones. Attach photos. Create different color bins. Great for insurance inventory purposes by the way! Or just for the forgetful mind.


Woopra is a must when you own a website. It gives you real-time data about your website – who’s there, how many people are there, what your sales process is looking like – all live, while it’s happening! Totally addictive!

Damn You AutoCorrect

Damn You AutoCorrect is a fun time waster and my guilty pleasure. Browse Auto-Corrected message disasters, or use the app to capture and share your own.

Robots for iPad

Robots for iPad (which you KNEW would be on my list) is a shiny, happy app full of robotic awesomeness! I’ve got more on this app five episodes back (Geekbeat Episode 542, for those of you keeping track).

AllRecipes Dinner Spinner

AllRecipes Dinner Spinner will plan your meals AND organize your shopping list by needed ingredients. Umm… tasty!

Lego Harry Potter

Lego Harry Potter is a great way to keep getting your Harry Potter fix and Lego fix all at once. How could you go wrong with that combination??

Zombie Gun Ship

Zombie Gun Ship. Shoot zombies… not from the ground… but from the air. Make sure you don’t hit the humans running FROM the zombies! GKDave Fave!!

Roads of Rome

In Roads of Rome, Victorius, a brave Roman general, has to build the roads of Rome to get back to his love, Caesar’s daughter so he can marry her.

Catapult King

Catapult King puts you in harm’s way as you fight to rescue the princess. The guards are even a bit silly – they shake their booty at you and taunt you while you’re on your mission.

Fairway Solitaire HD

Fairway Solitaire HD. Solitaire. Need I say more?


Fellow Geek Ben Roethig recommends Fantastical for iPhone: It’s a calendar with a “Fantastical” feature called “Dayticker”: Swipe your way through daily tasks as the app automatically updates.


Kevin Mitts swears by two apps: AudioBus will turn your iPad 2, iPhone 4S or newer into a virtual recording studio: Play drum sounds with one app, record them in another or play your guitar through the “pedalboard” of one app while mixing it into another.

Show of Hands

Kevin also likes Show of Hands: real-time anonymous polling with Twitter and Facebook integration.


Mario Tkalec is a Camera+ fanboy: This app comes with about every filter you’d want PLUS options like burst mode and timer mode as well as all sorts of border and cropping tools.

Xfinity TV Remote

Comcast customers like Hank Satnick say the Xfinity app is “great for hijacking the TV when the kids won’t give up the controller!”


Craig Porter recommends Downcast – a great App for downloading and playing back podcasts. Downcast also automatically grabs shownotes, displays embedded images and allows you to create playlists – very cool.

Angry Birds Star Wars

Finally, Jomichael Porter (and a whole lot of fellow geeks) like Angry Birds Star Wars – which according to iTunes is now one of the most popular iOS games. May The Force Be With You as you take on those “Pig-Troopers”!


  1. Mike says

    Storganize is a disappointment. The bins can’t be stacked (only 2D view) or moved, The contents can’t be moved to another bin. The photos I took can’t be perused. I hope the developer is serious about making improvements like this.

  2. Ayden says

    I can definitely agree with this list, but I’d add one more app to it. One of my favorite apps, DISH Remote Access, got a few updates in 2012, so I’d definitely consider it to be one of the best of this year also. I like it so much because I travel a lot for my job at DISH and use it for entertainment purposes. Not only does it keep me entertained and help kill some time while I’m traveling, but it also is nice to have when I want to keep up with my local news and favorite shows while I’m away. :)