Top Technology Releases of 2012

Google+ Communities

As great as social media is, a lot of people have a hard time finding people to connect with. Google+ Communities changes that.

Social Media Protests

The Internet legislation attempts of SOPA and PIPA got stopped dead because of social media activism.

The Transporter

The Transporter is a recent release that combines social behavior with storage, giving you the ability to replicate your data across devices kept in different places.

Drobo Mini

The good ol’ Drobo was shrunk into a Mini version with added SSDs for on-the-go, faster replication of your precious data.

Google’s Project Glass

Project Glass will give you augmented reality glasses that show everything you need to know right in front of your face.

Samsung Galaxy Note II

The Samsung Galaxy Note II was my favorite release for keeping up with everything while out and about.

Google Now

Google Now pushes the productivity of our mobile devices. The best example of a virtual personal assistant we have to date, and it’ll only get better.

AfterShokz Headphones

AfterShokz conduct the audio through your bones. You still hear everything perfectly! The music and your surroundings.

Google Fiber

Google Fiber was a really cool release – gigabit speeds that make you scream in joy!

Windows 8

Windows 8 is not only a new OS, but it combined the desktop experience with the touchscreen functionality you’ve loved since the iPhone came out.

Hands-Free Control with Leap

The Leap gets rid of mice and touch screens and focuses on using just your hand gestures to control your devices.

Printing Human Organs

3D Printing also made a huge leap with the ability to print human organs with our own cells!

Skydive from the Edge of Space

Felix Baumgartner took a leap from the edge of space and made it safely to the ground. The highest skydive ever made.

Mars Rover Curiosity

NASA put a rover the size of a small car on the surface of Mars, and they landed it in a way that had never been done before.

Higgs Boson

The amazing ability of science to predict and describe something that’s not been actually observed was demonstrated when a particle that may well be the Higgs boson was discovered in July.


Microlattice is a metallic mesh that’s very strong, but so lightweight that it can lay on top of a dandelion without crushing it. The aviation industry is all abuzz about the possibilities this presents for planes.

Enable Talk Gloves

Enable Talk Gloves can be recognized by a mobile device to give someone who doesn’t know sign language the ability to communicate with someone who can only communicate by using sign language.

Power Pot

The Power Pot offered something so useful to people who like to spend time outdoors. It’s a pot for a campfire that uses the heat of the fire to charge your gadgets.