Touchfire Keyboard for iPad Review

Do you get sick and tired of looking at the keyboard when you type on a tablet? As awesome as virtual keyboards are, a lot of people complain that they just can’t type AS effectively as they do on a regular ol’ computer keyboard. That’s because we learned how to type from the touch of our hands and the feel of the keys.

The Solution?

Touchfire on iPadTouchfire aims to make it possible for you to get that same tactile feedback on an iPad. And no, this doesn’t require modding your tablet and taking hammer to it. Instead, the Touchfire is a silicon sheet that lays over your virtual keyboard.

There is no lettering on the Touchfire itself. This way, you can use it regardless of if you’re using numbers or letters, or an entirely different language altogether.

It’s built to use with Apple’s Smart Cover. The included magnets will keep it secured on the iPad, but when you don’t want it in the way, the Smart Cover will whisk it away.

Using this device takes some getting used to. When you feel keys under the tips of your fingers, you may naturally want to rest all your fingers on the keys in between button presses. You can NOT do that with the Touchfire. Or you will press keys you didn’t mean to press! But it feels pretty good under your fingers and there are nubs on the “F” and “J” buttons to help you feel more at home.

It feels like it gets dirty pretty easily, so you’ll want to rinse it with water and pat it dry to clean it.

If it sounds like something you’d like to use on your iPad, you can get it for $50 here.