Trackball PC Game Controller Gets Things Rolling

Trackball PC Game Controller
Thumb-operated joysticks are an old standard on game controllers. But let’s think outside that box, shall we? What if one of the joysticks was replaced by something else… a trackball, perhaps?

The Trackball PC Game Controller is a Kickstarter project that dares to ask that simple what-if? Rather than just emulating the right joystick, the design is actually about putting mouse-type control into the ergonomic form and familiar button placement of a traditional game controller. The currently-available early-bird price to back this project and reserve one for yourself is $35.

An added bonus is that this project is to be built in Detroit, a city with a lot of manufacturing capability, but a very depressed economy. Props to Peter Von Buskirk for planning to keep manufacturing in the U.S.

You can check out the Kickstarter project yourself if want to back the Trackball PC Game Controller.


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    Well I’m going to pre order one, but I’m not really a PC gamer player, I would much rather have one of these for the Xbox or Play Station