Tracking Politics with Apps and Social Media

Candidates and Tech

Four years ago, Obama got big geek points for being addicted to his BlackBerry. Now both candidates have mobile apps (Obama – iOS and Android, Romney – iOS and Android), and that’s only the beginning of technology in the U.S. presidential race of 2012.

Super PAC App

This iOS app will analyze the audio of a political ad and let you know what group paid for the ad.

Comedy Central’s Indecision 2012

Keep up to date on all the breaking campaign news with the most trusted name in political coverage: Comedy Central!

The Candidates and Social Media

The social media numbers are rolling in and favoring the incumbent: On Twitter, Obama has over 20 million followers to Romney’s just over one million, and on Facebook Obama has 30 million Likes and Romney is weighing in with about 9 million.


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    Netflix suggestion – this is 20 years old – you probably seen it – but if not, its worth checking it out–
    “A Bronx Tale”