Transporter Gives Remote Access Without the Cloud

Transporter Gives an Alternative to the Cloud

Cloud storage can be very handy for accessing your data from anywhere, but there are times you don’t want to trust your data on other systems. Transporter gives you remote access while keeping your data off the cloud.

Have You Joined the Geeks Community?

Google+ has rolled out their Communities feature, where people can talk about specific topics that interest them. We’ve set up the “Geeks” community, and things are hopping – join us!

The Brydge is a Classy Keyboard for iPads

The Brydge is a very high quality keyboard designed to act like a clamshell for iPads.

MHL Adapters Put Your Phone on the TV

Want to show your phone content on a TV? An MHL adapter makes that a reality.

Galaxy Note II – A Great Experience

I’ve been using a Galaxy Note II for a couple of days, and I already don’t know how I ever got by without it.