TriggerHappy Lets You Use Your Android or iOS Device as a DSLR Remote

If you ever wanted to take stunning time-lapse or HDR shots, or maybe just want to add a remote shutter to your DSLR rig, then TriggerHappy has your back. The Kickstarter project allows you to use your Android or iOS device as a remote to trigger DSLR shots with a special cable that plugs into your device’s audio jack. Then it is controlled with a dedicated app that gives a variety of shooting options plus an HDR mode. It is compatible with various camera models from Canon, Nikon, Kodak, Pentax, Samsung, Fuji and Contax.

The Project’s goal was to raise $25,000 to its development, but it has already raised more than $60,000 with still 43 days to go. To be eligible to receive the TriggerHappy cord and app, it requires a pledge of $50 or more.

App Info

The TriggerHappy App includes:
• Simple camera trigger
• Bulb functionality for long exposures
• Time-lapse mode (intervalometer)
• HDR mode
• Bramping (Bulb Ramping) for time-lapses from day to night, etc.

For more information and a list of what camera models it works with, click the Kickstart link below

source: TriggerHappy (Kickstarter)


  1. says

    The concept for the app sounds pretty cool. Competing with a ‘traditional’ DSLR remote that come in at around $15-$20 – saying that i’m a sucker for good aps – anything that allows me to do more with my iPhone is good in my book!

    I like the approach to funding the project (not come across Kickstarter)

  2. Profile photo of Jon Avalon says

    $50 or more to actually get the app, the cable and anything else that may come with it. Once it goes into production.

    The way kickstarter works, is for a particular project there will be a set pledge goal to meet to be able to fund development. You can pledge however much you want, it can be as low as $1. But there will also be specific amount that you can do to get the item or other things. Which in this case it requires $50 or more for the main Trigger Happy remote package. You can do $5 to be listed as a sponsor on their site. If you pledge well over $90, you can get more than one set and or be first in line for the first batch to be shipped out.

    Even though the pledge goal has already surpassed you can still pledge however much you want, anytime until the given deadline. And they won’t charge you until the deadline passes, which also allows you to back out of your pledge anytime before. You are not tied into any type of strict contract, its just a pledge. If the project didn’t reach the funding goal, you wouldn’t be charged at all.

    It’s a new wave of investing into small start ups, don’t think of it just as giving money and expecting a product within a week. You are investing into the development of their project.

  3. Andrew says

    So, it isn’t actually in production yet? $50 is to fund development? I’m confused a bit.