Tutorial: How to Disable All Google Tracking

On March 1, 2012 Google unified its privacy policy across all services. This means all of Google’s data will be aggregated and used to customize and target advertising (among other things) aimed at users.

Some people aren’t too keen on the idea, and would like to continue to use Google, but without all the privacy invading tracking. Below are direct links to all of the various services that allow you to opt-out or disable Google tracking. If you find any others please let us know so we can refresh the list for the benefit of all.

Why might you care that Google can access your entire history?

Because of what unscrupulous employees most certainly are doing sometimes. Or because of what hackers are doing sometimes. Or, just because there’s no clear benefit to you to allow it.

How to Disable as Much Google Tracking as Possible

Go through each of the following pages and delete, then disable, all tracking.

Other Things You Can Do

Any other suggestions? Please share them with us below!


  1. afsasd says

    “However, as is common practice in the industry, and as outlined in the Google Privacy Policy, Google maintains a separate logs system for auditing purposes and to help us improve the quality of our services for users.”


  2. says

    Hello John P.
    thanks for the well written article. Keep up the great work!

    People who value their privacy can also use the Opera or Firefox browser since they can activate a private tab for browsing which leaves no trail over the internet and also no cookies are registered when browsing in private mode.

    Take care,

  3. AmpliHelix says

    I’m currently using Chrome and a few extensions that block tracking. The ones I have are:

    AdBlock Plus
    Do Not Track Plus
    Keep My Opt Outs
    Use HTTPS