Two New Elements on Periodic Table

Give Yourself a Transparent Phone Today

We’ve been seeing tech demos that would help make our phones transparent, but if you want to experience it today, you can download an Android app that simulates the experience with the device’s camera.

GeekBeat Meets the BBC

Our first segment on BBC Click aired this past weekend. You can see our coverage of the screen in Cowboys Stadium here.

Nintendo Announcements at E3

Nintendo showed off the Wii U GamePad at E3, and showed the Wii U Pro, a more traditionally-styled controller.

Two New Elements on Periodic Table

The Periodic Table of Elements just got bigger with the addition of two new synthetic elements, Livermorium and Flerov.


  1. Doug Jackson says

    I know you love robots. Have you seen this week’s edition of The Economist (June 2)? There is a special section on robots and their lead editorial is an excellent piece on robot ethics. Robot ethics? If your car is going to drive itself, it may have to decide whether to A) crash into the car to your right or B) run over the pedestrian that just walked in front of your car. Good Stuff.