UDAR Instrument Plays Sci-fi Soundtrack

If the New York Philharmonic isn’t your idea of easy listening, perhaps you’d appreciate something a little more electronic and avant garde.

Meet the UDAR, a MIDI output instrument invented by Michinobu Uda. Each side of the device is wrapped with a coil of keys, where the tones are in descending order from the outside to the center, and each full rotation increases the octave. Because it’s MIDI output, you can decide which instrument sounds to use.

The video shows the UDAR performing songs that could have been the background music for any number of video games I’ve played over the years, but I’d be interested in hearing guitar sounds, or even trombone, which would benefit from the sliding capabilities.

Don’t get excited about hooking this up to make your next GarageBand ringtone though: it looks like this may forever remain a pet project, never to make it to the general public.

(via tokyotek)


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    As a musician – I think this is awesome. I’m always amazed by some of the instruments people come up with. I would love to see two performers with this interacting with each oher – perhaps one performer on the left hand notes, and the other on the right hand notes