Ultimate Iron Man Suit – Just $35,000!

YouTube App Hits Roku3

Good news, cat fans! You can now watch all the cute kitty videos you want on your BIG screen! ‘Cause there’s now an official YouTube app on the Roku 3.

SEIDO Joins #CESlive Sponsors

I can’t wait to see what accessories I can find at CES! I know for sure I’m going to get my hands on some awesome SEIDIO accessories. Because, in addition to QNAP, and i4Software, SEIDIO is supporting us at #CESlive by sponsoring the stream!

META Pro AR Glasses taking Pre-Orders

The augmented reality glasses space is heating up. There is of course the big daddy, Google Glass. There’s also Oculus VR coming up. And the 2nd, more complete version of the META glasses – the META Pro is now taking pre-orders. They can play 720p HD video and 3D. It has multiple photo sensors and an accelerometer, gyroscope and compass. They have an i5 CPU, 4 gigs of RAM, 128GB storage, Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi and cost $3,000

The Ultimate Iron Man Cosplay Suit

If you think that’s expensive, let’s knock the price level down a notch. $2,000! For an Iron Man suit! Yes, you heard me right. They only will make 5,000 units of those, but if you miss out there, you can always get it 3D printed instead for the low, low price of… $35,000! Ridiculous, I know! But… it is a 3D-printed Iron Man suit.

San Francisco’s Market Street Gets Free WiFi

If you’re in San Francisco, beware. Market Street is about to get even more crowded! Because now you can hang out on the street between Castro Street and the Embarcadero and get free WiFi provided by the city! It’s the first of a much BIGGER plan the city has to give free WiFi to all!

Our Generous Viewers Help Us Out!

We had our first Doctor Geek level pledge on Patreon, where you can donate to the arts and support our show. Britt Thomas is going to get all sorts of stuff, including his name in the credits! So look for that. And thank you, Britt! We also appreciate all our viewers who are chipping in even $1/month! We love them! Like Sharon and Ashok. Check out geekbeat.tv/patrons to see how you can help!

You can see all our gift suggestions throughout the season at geekbeat.tv/gifts!


  1. BPR639Geek (Bruce R.) says

    Too cool!!! I have to ask myself if there’s any real tech in the $35K Iron Man suite??? If there is maybe I’ll buy one, nooooooot LOL. I love, love, love the robot parade at the end, really makes me smile 😉 “B”