Drobo B800i Unboxing

If you’re running a small business you know how much data that can generate. And you need to keep it all safe! But you also need fast access to it – no time to wait on a USB-connected drive. The Drobo B800i has 8 drive bays and connects with iSCSI, and it can rack mount, or sit on a desk. This is our fourth B800i at Livid Lobster and with all the data we create, we’d be lost without them.


  1. Mark Graves says

    I just watched the video and thank you for shearing. Can I ask that you do something for all of us in your listening audience…the Drobo B800i and the 5 drive unit…can we call them what they are…a network attached storage…not a server…although they “serve” drive space to the users we should call them by their right names…keeps the users and the uninformed minds straight.

    Thanks for putting up with an enterprise snob ;^)