Unboxing: UBiQUiTi UniFi Wi-Fi Mesh System

The Wi-Fi bubble from a single router often doesn’t cover as large an area as you need. You can make the coverage a little bigger with a second hotspot, but it’s going to have a different SSID, which can be a problem in a lot of places and definitely if you’re trying to provide coverage for a small business. The solution to this is a mesh network that takes several access points and blends them into one network with the same name.

UBiQUiTi sent us their UniFi Wi-Fi Mesh solution and here we’re showing you everything you get in the boxes. We’ve installed the system at the studio and will be bring you a full review soon. Watch for it!


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      Hey Jerry, we’re working on it! And also another one for the Open Mesh system. So you’ll have at least two different mesh network systems to compare. We should have the OpenMesh one next week, and the Ubiquiti one possibly the following.


      John P.