Vantage Point Beanpad Review – A Better Stand for Your iPad

Beanpad aloneThe iPad is great for many things, from watching movies and listening to music, to enjoying slideshows. The problem is that you can’t always hold the iPad comfortably in places like a moving car, while laying down in bed, or having breakfast.  You try holding it with your legs, with a pillow or even the milk carton. But it always slides off and you have to reposition it over and over. You might buy a stand at your local Best Buy and solve holding your iPad while it’s on a table, but what about while you’re on your bed or on a roadtrip (as a passenger, of course!) and want to use your iPad without getting “gorilla arms”? The Vantage Point Beanpad solves all these problems for you.

Vantage Point is a TV mount maker that has ventured into high-end iPad mounts, including the Beanpad. It’s a nifty little product that contours to any surface you set it on, providing a safe and easy to use stand. This stand/case hybrid consists of a snapping back-plate attached to a mini bean bag. It works on almost any situation, and relieves you from having to hold your iPad while streaming your favorite Netflix or YouTube videos.

The bag portion of the Beanpad is filled with heavy pellets to provide a lower center of gravity to prevent your iPad from tipping over. These come at a cost as they make a lot of noise when shifting or moving it. The Beanpad keeps the iPad protected and even lets you use your favorite Smart Cover at the sameBeanpad back time. Taking the case off and snapping it back on is quick and easy. This is important due to the size of the case. With the iPad snapped in, the Beanpad feels heavy. I found myself adjusting it on the spot instead of moving it to a better place. Since it’s compatible with the Smart Cover you can use it when the circumstances require it, and take it off easily without having to change cases or mounts. The bag feels very sturdy and professionally made. It’s soft, easy to clean, and breathable. So if you lay it on your leg, you won’t sweat as with other cases that mostly use plastic on their covers.

The Beanpad is on sale now at Amazon for $50. It comes in black, white, and pink and in two different models, one for the original iPad and one for the 2nd and 3rd gens. The Beanpad conforms to almost any situation you put it in and overall its a great buy if you don’t care about having beanbag sticking out from the back of your iPad.