Verizon Officially Launches Plans for Voice Over LTE


The next big thing in the wireless industry is Voice Over LTE aka VoLTE. It is a voice over IP standard that uses your phone’s LTE modem for a much clearer sound than capable over traditional GSM and CDMA 1x technology. The company with arguably the most complete data LTE network, Verizon Wireless, has now announced its plans for the standard which it is branding Advanced Calling 1.0.

Verizon’s LTE implementation not only includes voice calls, but they are also including video chat capability as well. In both cases, the audio is delivered in HD voice over the digital LTE signal. They even let you switch between video and audio calls on the fly. Verizon is quick to point out that Advanced Calling only works when both phones have VoLTE. Calls with an older phone will default to the traditional CDMA 1x voice network. There also seems to be no compatibility with VoLTE networks launched by T-Mobile, AT&T, and other competitors. Advanced Calling will work over the entire LTE network.

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Source: Verizon


  1. PaulJosaph says

    Yea i also have the same point, its not necessary that internet service provider shows compatibility with the other.

  2. Profile photo of Danny says

    Not a good thing at all. There should be a standard for VoLTE. What if your internet provider’s service was not compatable with any other provider’s ? What good would it really be then?