Verizon Wireless Launches MORE Everything Plans

With every other mobile carrier launching new plans, Verizon didn’t stand pat. Today they launched their MORE Everything plans. They provide more data for some customers, some relief for those on Edge plans, and free international messaging for all. The carrier is also providing some free cloud storage. Let’s take a look at these new offerings.

Verizon’s newest deal is the MORE Everything plans. These replace the previous Share Everything plans. The MORE part is due to some changes. Some of their lower end plans will have more data. 500MB for $40 is now 1GB, 1GB for $50 is now 2GB, and 2GB for $60 is now 3GB. They’ve also added new 250MB for $15 and 500MB for $30 plans. Do remember that these are shared plans so these are shared by everyone on your plan, but for lower end users bumping up on their data caps, this could be a relief. Those on the Edge upgrade/payment plan instead of a contract will see their bill shrink. Those with data allotments between 250MB and 8GB will see a $10 discount per line for Edge. Those with 10GB or more of monthly data will receive a $20 per line discount. This should give a bit more incentive to go with Edge instead of a contract where previously there was no contract. AT&T offers a similar discount, but it’s one size fits all at $15.

There are also some perks. First off, free global messaging is now included. I could send a text to Yukari in British Columbia or Gord in Ontario and it would not cost me a dime under the new plan. Do make sure it doesn’t cost your texting partner money though before trying this. Also, the previously announced international calling with 1¢ per minute calling to Canada and 5¢ to Latin America doesn’t come with this. It’s still $5 a month. Verizon is also offering 25GB of complimentary cloud storage for the MORE Everything Plans.

While these are not world beaters by any means, the new MORE Everything plans do offer some compelling features for users to switch to one… if you had to. All current customers will be automatically rolled over. Its especially good news for those on Edge. What do you think of Verizon’s new plans? Please comment below or on social media.

Source: Verizon