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Released into the web in 1991, Linux is celebrating its 20th anniversary. So in celebration they are holding a video contest! Linux Foundation has held this competition before, but seeing as how this is the 20th anniversary, Linus Torvalds himself will be picking the winner.

The contest will run until Saturday July 2, 2011.

Open to anyone over 18, the winner will win airfare, registration and hotel expenses to attend one of the following events of their own choosing: SXSW 2012, LA Film Festival, LinuxCon North America, LinuxCon Europe.  The content of the video should cover the story of Linux, with a summary of the last 20 years of Linux. The winning video itself will be shown in Vancouver BC (17-19 August, 2011). Here a link to the rules: Video Contest Rules.

The following is a sample video “Story of Linux”:

(via CrunchGear)

52 Shares Google+ 0 Twitter 27 Facebook 8 LinkedIn 8 Reddit 9 Pin It Share 0 Buffer 0 52 Shares ×
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One Response

  1. Curiosity63

    Hello Wen,
    thank you for sharing this bit of computer history with us, the reader of GeekBeatTV blogs.

    I didn’t know it was already that long ago before I saw it for the first time.
    I need to get my skates on and do the one day stuff before I’m running out of time :D

    I always wanted to get involved with Linux. I guess now I know via your article that I need to keep my goals in mind when I do something.

    Take care,