Voco V-Zone Review

If you’re like most people you own a plethora of electronic devices, from smartphones to tablets to HDTVs and a stereo. The Voco V-Zone is an integrated music Vocoplayer that allows you to stream from almost any device you own. Much like the Sonos Connect (which sells for $349 before Uncle Sam adds his cut), except that you can literally tell it what to play. Albeit it doesn’t work all the time, its a nice tool to have.

The box comes with everything you need to get started; power cable, RCA cable, and an Ethernet cord. The cheap stereo system I’ve got at home didn’t have an RCA input, but a 3.5mm jack, which forced me to open up the lost cable bin. After that everything worked perfectly. Installing the Android app and running the configuration wizard was a breeze. The Voco V-Zone had to do a quick update and I was up and running in 5 minutes. I figured out I cVoco backan stream from different online radio services (TuneIn among others) as well as YouTube. After installing a small plugin on my Mac I was able to use my iTunes library with it. It’s a great, no-hassle product. iTunes’ library updates automatically and all you do is click play to hear your music.

Voco w/ BoxThe great thing about the V-Zone is that you can set them up in different rooms for different zones. One for the kitchen, one for the game room, etc. I have to say that the coolest feature is the WiFi hotspot. The V-Zone can act as a WiFi hotspot if you plug an ethernet port to it. I can safely say this is the coolest WiFi router I’ve ever seen. You can get the Voco V-Zone at myVoco.com and at Amazon for $299.


Voice recognition
iTunes music streaming
Super easy set up
WiFi hotspot


Can’t stream directly from phone.


  1. ferdinand.k says

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    July Internet has been close dor open
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