Watch “Casablanca” Tonight on Facebook

Are you in the mood for a movie tonight? How about taking in a screening of one of the all-time classics of American cinema, “Casablanca”? The good news is, it’s showing near you. In fact, you won’t have to go any farther than Facebook to see it.

The social network is teaming up with Warner Brothers to help promote the 70th anniversary of the film, and the associated Blu-ray/DVD set of “Casablanca”. The film will be shown twice the evening of May 16th, at 7 PM Eastern, and 7 PM Pacific, but don’t plan to hang around and catch it twice, each Facebook account is limited to only one viewing. Even online, the ushers will chase you out.

Full details can be found in this press release from Warner Brothers, and on the Facebook page for “Casablanca”. Unfortunately, the Facebook showings are US-only.