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Consumer Electronics Show 2012

Welcome to Monday, January 9th 2012 dear readers! You know what that means—Yes, it’s time for the Consumer Electronics Show, that magical time of year when technology journalists are filled with a sense of wonder, excitement, dread and exhaustion.

We’re no exception. Cali Lewis, John P, Scott Ellis, Dave Curlee, Mr. Mark Zamora, Scott Kublin, and of course our intrepid editor in chief Dave Peterson, and more are standing by live from CES2012 to bring you the hottest news direct from the show floor all week, and our crack team of bloggers will be bringing in the details. Be sure to keep your eye on http://geekbeat.tv/ces2012 for all the coverage!

Join Cali live from the Panasonic booth all day Tuesday and Wednesday at http://panasonic.com/ces—see what we mean by exhaustion? You don’t have to just watch, jump in and participate with the hashtag #PanasonicCES. Cali will be trying to get to your questions live on-air!

Be sure to check out additional coverage and interviews with both John P and Cali from the Qualcomm both at http://qualcomm.com/ces, and participate there too with the hashtag #qualcommCES12. John P will be up on Tuesday and Wednesday, and Cali will be there on Thursday.

Any comments or questions about our coverage? Let us know in the comments!


Cali recorded a quick intro video live from the conference. Check it out!

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