What Dogs See When They Watch HDTV

Dog Eyes and Human Eyes

Dogs need different things from their eyes than we do, so those eyes work differently. They are more keyed to movement and less to colors and fine detail.

Dogs and TV

Standard video appears as a series of flickering images to dogs, so it never fools them into thinking they are seeing something real. HDTV however has a much higher refresh rate and appears as fluid movement to canine viewers.

Dog TV

Dog TV is a startup providing 8 hours of dog-targeted TV a day to the San Diego area, with a goal of keeping pooches interested and stimulated when their humans can’t be around.


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    I like Fun Facts. This video supplies me with a few. Thanks.

    And I finished watching the most recent My Mobile LIfe episodes. “MORE!” :) Astronomy is great but I’m more into dinosaurs at the present time. Any good iPad apps with realistic descriptions of dinosaurs? I know of one dinosaur app from the American Museum of Natural History though the reviews are negative.

    You’re as chipper as ever. Keep up the good work