What Google Gets in Waze Purchase


Waze Purchase Means More Data for Google Maps

This week, Google bought the popular social mapping and navigation service Waze, and in the deal gets access to real-time data from 50 million users.

iOS 7 Activation Lock Makes Life Tougher for Thieves

One of the features of iOS 7 is Activation Lock, which will require an Apple ID and password before an iPhone or iPad can be wiped of data for resale – or before “Find my iPhone” can be turned off.

Smallest Galaxy Yet Discovered

Researchers at Hawaii’s Mount Keck Observatory have announced the discovery of “Segue 2”, the smallest known galaxy yet!

5th Chinese Space Crew in Orbit

A crew of two men and one woman is aboard the Shezhou 10, which blasted into orbit Tuesday from a launch site in the Gobi Desert.


  1. Rod says

    Aloha John P.
    Please google Keck observatory. It is NOT Mount Keck. Keck has a telescope on the mountain called Mauna Kea,on the island of Hawaii, also known as The Big Island. Many Hawaiians don’t like it up there, and would be upset hearing you call it Mount Keck, like they OWN the mountain. They don’t.
    I see you plan to visit Hawaii soon! I hope you have a nice visit while here.

    • Rod says

      Oh, one more item, if I may. Your photo used in the story is not Keck’s observatory in Hawaii either, as the height to the top is about 14,000 ft, well ABOVE the tree line, and no trees grow that high up Mauna Kea, nor is it their office in the town called Waimea, also known as Kamuela.