What Hyperspace REALLY Looks Like

More Evidence of Water on Mars

Two new reports of ancient water on the planet Mars, as the Curiosity rover gets shots of “Yellowknife Bay” and the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter sends back images of what appear to be a lake bed in a crater.

Teacher Discovers “Star Nursery”

A Connecticut high school astronomy teacher has discovered some overlooked Hubble Telescope images of a “star nursery” in the Large Magellanic Cloud 200,000 light years from Earth.

What Hyperspace Actually Looks Like

Forget the star lines we saw from the Millennium Falcon, researchers say they know what hyperspace would REALLY look like.

Alcohol-Aware Ice Cubes

An MIT student has devised “alcohol-aware ice cubes” to help drinkers know “when to say when”.

Electroshock Alarm Clock

Addicted to hitting the snooze button on your alarm clock? This electroshock alarm clock will get you to change your ways.

“Anti-Loneliness” Ramen Bowl

Eating noodles can be lonely business – but now you can have all your online friends keep you company while you slurp your ramen!

115-Year-Old Scotch Returns to Antarctica

Scotch belonging to explorer Ernest Shackleton has been returned to its Antarctic resting place, but those wishing to see what it might have been like can order a reproduction here.


  1. Bruce R.(BPR639Geek) says

    Shock Wave clock, cooool!!!I know a few people who’ll simply get a charge out of it instead of arising them. With Mars we need to look way below the surface. Do the Alcohol-Aware Ice Cubes sense the type or percentage of actual alcohol ingested, or just container quantity percentage absence… “B”