What is Verizon FiOS, And How Does it Work? – Here’s A Complete Video Tour!

One of the best parts of our job is that we often get access to things just nobody ever gets to see! Like for example, GM’s Wind Tunnel, ANA’s 787 DreamLiner, Graceland, and now – the entire end-to-end Verizon FiOS delivery machine!

Our friends at Verizon gave us complete unfettered access to their FiOS division to find out what makes it tick. And let me just emphasize for a moment that I mean COMPLETE and uncontrolled access. We were allowed to talk to anyone we wanted to, go anywhere we wanted to, and see anything we wanted to. And we did!

Cali and I spent days just traveling around from site to site, interviewing employees, and trying to piece together how an extremely complex service like this comes together. As you might expect, even the smartest of Verizon’s employees (and believe me, these people are sharp) couldn’t tell us exactly how everything worked – even though they each knew their own piece inside and out!

So with no supervision, no pressure, and no preconceived notion, Cali and I discovered exactly how Verizon FiOS Internet, Verizon FiOS TV and Verizon FiOS Telephone services come together and make it all the way to customer’s homes. We hope you enjoy the journey as much as we did!