Win a Chance to Die on Mars

Teaching Dogs to Use Computers

Researchers are looking into teaching assistance dogs to use a computer to call 911 for help in case of a medical emergency.

Watch the Solar Eclipse on the Web

If you’re not in Australia or the South Pacific, you can still view the May 9th and 10th solar eclipse live online at

Mars One Plans Mars Colony Project

A Dutch company is crafting a plan to send volunteers on a one-way trip to Mars that would be the focus of a reality television show.

Tesla Sales Up 83%

Tesla just announced record sales of over $580 million. That’s up 83% from last quarter! They’re building their new Model S in record numbers, and expect demand to exceed 15,000 a year in the U.S. and 30,000 worldwide.

World’s Tallest Chair Swing Ride

If you’re looking for adventure, try the “World’s Tallest Chair Swing Ride” in Stockholm. It spins you around at 44 miles an hour, 30 stories up in the air! Once back on the ground you may wish to visit the ABBA Museum — which also just opened in Stockholm.


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    wow can you not lie any more than you did on todays episode. I love my Drobo but you just lied about everything and clearly show that you do not use a Drobo. The ad in the episode “Teaching Dogs to use Computers” you state that the mini Drobo has Firewire well no it does not. You also claim 4 TB of storage Again No it does not. When loaded with 4tb you only have 2.72 TB in single mode or 1.81TB in dual mode. And it has 2xThunderbolt and 1xusb i liked your show but after seeing you lie like that what else in your shows are false. Amazing….