Win a FREE G-Technology G-Connect Drive!

We’re still on our way to New York, and we’re still stopping to see all kinds of amazing stuff! For example, the Georgia Guidestones!

And since our friends at G-Technology are sponsoring our little soiree, we’re going to give away an awesome G-Connect 500GB portable drive – which also offers WiFi connectivity, streaming audio and video to your portable devices, and even acts as a hotspot for multiple computers!

It’s easy to win!

Then you’re entered to win!

Want MORE chances to win cool stuff? Right now we’re giving away 3 Powerbags over on Google+! Here’s where to win one of those sweet babies…

Just one little rule… We have to limit the contest to the US and Canada – because we’ve had major trouble trying to ship to other countries. (Sorry everyone else, we love you too!!!)

We’ll announce the winner tonight on Twitter! So good luck!


  1. Hundter Bied says

    Sorry that I commented twice. I didn’t see it and thought it hadn’t gone through. Thanks for all u guys do.

  2. Hundter Bied says

    I NEED one of these. I have an 8 hour flight in my near future and need the entertainment on my minimal storage device. You guys are REALLY funny, and I LOVE Please keep making your awesome vids.

  3. Hundter Biede says

    I NEED a G-Connect. I have an 8 hour flight in my near future and need lots of entertainment. You guys are so funny in the series and Rules!