Win a Special Edition Livid Lobster LensPen… for FREE!!

I have GREAT news for you! We’ve teamed up with the guys at LensPen and guess what? They made us a beautiful batch of 500 Livid Lobster branded LensPens!!! AND WE’RE GONNA GIVE THEM ALL AWAY!

Livid Lobster Limited Edition Lenspen

Livid Lobster Limited Edition Lenspen

You’ll have LOTS of opportunities to win one of these, starting with…

50 Livid Lobster LensPens Find a New Home Today!

Here’s how you win… (6/10/11)

  • Follow @LensPen on Twitter
  • Follow @LividLobster on Twitter (yes, BOTH!)
  • Tweet (or retweet) the following:
“Yes! I want to win a FREE Limited Edition @LensPen from @LividLobster!!″

  • Mark “The-Giveaway-Man” will pick the winners on June 11th at 5pm CST.
  • If you win you’ll get a DM on Twitter from @LividLobster so we can get your shipping address.
  • This is US only. I know, I know… it sucks! But it costs like at least $20 to ship EACH ONE overseas! And we just can’t afford it! (Please forgive us. :-)

What is a LensPen??

Good luck on the contest and have fun!!


  1. Jenny Johnson says

    My Canoe I thought may be ruined my daughter left the cap off now I know I can get it back to new cant wait to see if I win I love taking Pics but lately havent got to and cant afford buying new lens cant wait to see if it works dirty dozen JEN;)

  2. says

    thats a reallty cool device that would be perfect my GFs Sony a100 Digital SLR and all her lenses sure hope I win one! our lenses are the biggest investment this would be great to have in our camera bag.