Windows 8 Deep Dive – Tutorial and Demonstration

Windows 8 logoWe’ve gotten a lot of questions from you guys about Windows 8. So we did a livestream to give you the opportunity to see it in action, and ask questions about the things YOU want to know!

Join John P and I as we go hands on with a Samsung ATIV tablet that also converts to a laptop. And, thanks to Staples who’s supporting the effort, you’ll have a chance to win one too!

If you want to ask questions about Windows 8 on Friday, tweet or Google+ with this hashtag: #8waseasy. We’ll be paying attention throughout the hour!

Here are the deets: (yes, I know I can’t pull that off, but I can at least try, right?!)

  • Friday, November 30th
  • 4:00 PM Eastern / 1:00 PM Pacific
  • Head on over to, or join a Google Hangout we’ll launch that day!

We’re looking forward to showing you what we’ve been playing with in Windows 8, hearing your feedback and helping to answer your questions!


  1. says

    Is there a way to configure Win 8 to view like XP, or Win7? I am just not interested in looking at pink & purple squares as a desktop, or start menu. I want it clean and organized, not chaos.
    Maybe I could make the move to Linux.., Or sell my iPad and buy a Macbook.

    Windows ME, Windows Vista, Windows Mobile, Windows 8, I see a trend growing. One reasonable, the next a FLOP, next one a fix, then a flop…

  2. Daniel Delgado says

    A big problem I have with Windows in general is that it transforms your saved media files (MP3s, MP4s for example) into Windows Media files when you play them in the Windows Media Player. Does Windows 8 offer some sort of workaround with that issue? At the very least, is there a way that Windows 8 will let you convert the Windows Media files back into their original format after playing them in the Windows Media Player?

    • says

      Simply ..don’t use Windows Media Player. In WIndows OS you always have to install others encoders/decoders for playing others media files than .wma
      I install and use VLC player with codecs included ( or the pack K-Lite Mega Codec Pack with Media Player Classic – Home Cinema included ( or )
      The .mp3 or .mp4 aren’t free multimedia formats despite the extended use..

    • Bernard Apolinario says

      This is new one to me. I’ve been playing MP3s in my Windows 7 / 8 desktops using media player and they are still MP3s. Are you sure about this.

    • Mark G says

      @Daniel : No it doesn’t. Not sure what you are doing, but WM Player does not transcode files automatically.