Windows 8: Microsoft Hopes What Works on a Phone Will Work on a PC

Windows 8 Files ScreenVideo has been released showcasing a brand new user interface to the mainstream Windows operating system. Microsoft has drastically moved away from its standard Start Menu/Taskbar/Desktop style in favor of a similar UI to their Windows Phone 7 OS and the Zune Software. Windows 8 will feature live tiles, that are automatically updating, giving you easy access to the information you use most often. Where it’s going to get a little tricky is actually using it as a content creation os.

There is a reason that Apple has a different user interface for the iPhone/iPad and their workstations (as much as it pains me to say Apple is correct in this case). The desktop is NOT dead. You use each device for different functions. Thinking that operating systems copy well across the board is a horrible move. This is exactly why Windows Mobile phones have performed so poorly in the past. Microsoft seemed to think that a desktop interface would work on a phone, and now they are going the other way thinking their phone interface will work well on a desktop.

Tablets and phones are media consumption devices. Desktops and laptops are media creation devices. I can’t code a website on my tablet computer. It’s just too hard to toggle between all of the various applications that I need to run in order to write code, upload the code, and then check the code. That is just a very simple example, one that I HOPE Microsoft is thinking about as they are WRITING CODE for this operating system.  Maybe just make them use it as they are writing it and see if it works?

Sometimes it’s not better to think outside the box, but keep improving what is already working, and fixing what isn’t working. When they unveiled the new user interface for Windows Phone 7, I was super excited! Finally Microsoft understood that a phone wasn’t a desktop! Please don’t make me take it back Microsoft… PLEASE!

Check out this video to check out Windows 8 and let us know what YOU think!


  1. Bruce R. (BPR639geek) says

    Maybe what we should ask ourselves first is, who will be using this type of human to machine interface on a PC platform, and why. For those who do *true computing*, I hope, (as the rep in the video is saying), the new Windows 8 platform will still be very usable with a mouse and keyboard with a form of the familiar Windows screen. For those who don’t do too much standard desktop & laptop applications, and love it on mobile devices, this interface is the answer. But for me, I will still need the old way. No hard drive feelings intended towards Microsoft 😉 “B”

  2. says

    This looks SO Unix based. It’s about time that Microsoft upgraded to Linux. It works on Xbox, right? Hopefully they get the hint that former Windows platforms are bloated, overweight, slow, buggy, over written, security plagued, and need to be restarted to often.

  3. says

    I thought it is like a Win 7 and WP7 combination. Win 7 + WP7 = “Windows 8” ;).

    I thought also you can code in Win 7 mode…

  4. Sameer says

    I think its awesome! Finally convergence of applications – can’t wait to use the same apps on desktop and on tablets!