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Wipeout HD Brought to Life with Quantum LevitationThose of you gamers out there may be very familiar with the Wipeout racing game series but for those who aren’t, imagine this:

High-speed hover jet craft racing to the EXTREME!
No really, see this video?

Real Life Wipeout

Well, the Japan Insitute of Science and Technology has brought this game to life through the use of Quantum Levitation, something we covered a while back and Cali talked about in the show. In their case, they are using 2 small hovercraft models and a quick charge from liquid nitrogen.

What’s most impressive about their project is that they are taking the wild Quantum Levitation technology and controlling it wirelessly! Not just the forward and backward motion, but left to right turning as well! This is definitely one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen and even though this science may not be ready for human transportation, the JIST is working hard to “revolutionize the world of motor transport.” Until then, I am perfectly fine with settling for this amazing toy track!

UPDATE: Sorry to break your hearts, but it turns out this might be nothing more than a Viral Ad campaign for the next Wipeout game! Not cool at all!
Fake Wipeout Quantum Levitation
This screenshot shows a moment in the video editing where the yellow car appears to show up through the track slightly. Props to the internetz for noticing that!

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